Ranking the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Ranking the Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins a 9th season this Sunday. Before the season kicks off, let’s take a look at the 12 women we’ve grown to love (or loathe) over the past 8 years!  How do you think the Atlanta ladies stack up?

      1. Nene Leakes
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        Nene is not only the undisputed queen of the ATL ladies, she is one of the biggest successes of any housewives branch. Her one-liners and BS intolerance made her a fan favorite.  Seven seasons of the RHOA has seen Mrs. Leakes star in Glee, The New Normal, Celebrity Apprentice, and Dancing with the Stars.  She has also appeared on Broadway, with roles in Cinderella and Chicago.  These days, when Nene isn’t busy with her gigs on To Tell the Truth and Fashion Police, she’s managing her clothing line on HSN.
      2. Kim Zolciak-Biermann

        Landing at number 2 is my favorite Atlanta housewife, Kim Zolciak-Biermann.  What’s not to love about this woman?  We came for the wigs and stayed for the fairytale.  For five seasons we watched her battle frenemys, find truelove, and go from a chain-smoker to a chain-birther.  Last year she joined Dancing with the Stars, but her time was cut short after suffering a stroke.  Kim currently has her own RHOA spin-off, “Don’t Be Tardy”, which documents her marriage to Kroy Biermann and their 6 children.  She recently released Kashmere Kollection, a line of skin care products.
      3. Kenya Moore

        Love her or love to hate her, Miss USA is taking home the bronze on this list.  Not one to fly under the radar, everyone has an opinion on this woman.  Her confidence and bravado has put her at odds with most of the other women.  The departure of Nene leaves the crown hers for the taking, if Shereé doesn’t beat her to it.
      4. Shereé Whitfield

        She had a fashion show with no fashions, but she’s far from dreadful.  She built chateaus, pulled wigs, and threw water, but was always a fan favorite.  Shereé left RHOA after 4 seasons, but officially returns this season, peach in hand.  Previews tease a completed Chateau Sheree and a possible reconciliation with her ex, Bob Whitfield.  Can we proclaim this year’s RHOA the Season by Shereé?
      5. Phaedra Parks

        She’s classy, sassy, and a bit smart assy!  She’s got comebacks for days, so don’t come for her.  Phaedra is one of the most educated housewives, with 5 degrees under her belt.  How will the southern belle adjust to her new single life?  Phaedra always lands on her feet, let’s hope Kenya isn’t under them this year!
      6. Kandi Burruss-Tucker
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        Kandi has consistently been the same call-it-like-it-is woman.  Kandi’s story-lines have been reactive as of late.  In recent seasons she got married (which caused drama with her mama) and last year her staff kicked up some dust with Porsha.  This season she has a new baby, but will that be enough to get her to a 10th season? Do something Kandi, we know you have it in you!
      7. Porsha Williams

        Porsha is single and ready to mingle. Oh, and she’s angry now.  That’s about it.  At least she’s more interesting than the remaining women on the list.
      8. Cynthia Bailey
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        Cynthia has been on the RHOA for 6 years! How?  Her time on the housewives has been spent being the quintessential best-friend.  Remember that friend contract disaster?  That’s actually about all I remember.  Last season saw Cynthia face serious marital issues with her husband Peter.  She had a chance to breakthrough and connect with scorned women across the country, but missed the opportunity by glossing over the issues as if nothing happened.  Cynthia’s in the same boat with Kandi this season, as far as interest goes.  Better try something new, because the old isn’t working.
      9. Claudia Jordan
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        Claudia is part of the One-and-Done club.  She joined the RHOA for the 7th season and wasn’t asked back.  She ruffled the feathers of Nene and Porsha, but that’s about it.  Kuddos to her for being one of the few women to ever come for Nene and not back down.  Maybe that was the final nail in her comeback coffin?
      10. Lisa Wu
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        Lisa was one of the original RHOA.  She was interesting enough to last two seasons in Atlanta, but I can’t remember anything she ever did aside from argue with Kim at the first reunion.  After her husband divorced her, she fled for the Hollywood hills and now appears on Hollywood Divas.
      11. Kim Fields
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          I don’t know why this woman ever agreed to do this show.  Career revival?  Known to most audiences by her role as “Tootie”, her hollywood resume made her appearance on the RHOA questionable at best.  Not one to spill the tea, her strong family ties and drama-intolerance made her entry into the One-and-Done club inevitable.
      12. DeShawn Snow
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            Another member of the One-and-Done club, Deshawn was one of the founding women of the RHOA.  Like Kim Fields, she was too nice for the drama, and was not asked to return.  Since leaving the show, she has divorced her husband and started a series of children’s books.