Hamptons Hoedown

The Real Housewives of New York: Hamptons Hoedown

S8. Ep4.

BBQ, Brunch, or Bust

The ladies are descending on the Hamptons for Bethenny’s hoedown birthday party. While Bethenny is prepping her house for the party, Dorinda and Jules are getting John ready to apologize for last week’s behaviors. Will he succeed? Doubt it.

Hamptons Hoedown

Real Housewife Superfans experienced Bethenny’s new Hamptons home when the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dropped in for a visit. Her home lends itself well fall cookouts/birthday parties. Her guests were welcomed with Moscow Mules and Spiked Hot Chocolate. There’s also a giant yellow duck in the middle of her front yard, which I need someone to explain to me.

John and Dorinda arrive, beginning a game of Hide-and-Seek. LuAnn brings a hula hoop. Things are going great! Not so much…the ladies have split up “Mean Girls” style: the picnic table vs. the bonfire. John haters to the table please! Maybe moving the party to the backyard will change the mood?

Hamptons Hoedown

Bethenny starts up a conversation with LuAnn about her situation with Carol. Although LuAnn wants to move past the ordeal, she won’t apologize for something (she thinks) she didn’t do. Bethenny joins Carol to discuss the LuAnn saga, but is cutoff when John says hello. Like a feral cat, she jumps up and runs to her bar-shed to hide. Carol mimics the action by ignoring LuAnn’s attempted hello. “You can’t keep avoiding me Carol.” “Actually I could!” Can smores smooth over the dramas? Don’t bet on it. LuAnn and Carol start going back and forth about who did what. They agree to disagree and not repair their friendship.
Hamptons Hoedown

Time for Bethenny vs. John, cookout edition. John tries to apologize to Bethenny, but he doesn’t know what he’s apologizing for. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t accept him or his apology. This upsets Dorinda, who doesn’t know how she will balance her boyfriend with her new friend. Seeing all of this, Bethenny decides to be the bigger person and accept John’s apology for Dorinda’s sake.

The next day, Jules is throwing a brunch for the ladies at her home, which is under construction. Bethenny immediately starts butting in with her opinions and questions. Jules and her husband are not thrilled with Frankel’s firing squad. Bethenny digs her grave deeper by discussing Jules’ eating habits (or lack thereof) with Carol. LuAnn shows up and Carol and Bethenny start planning their brunch escape. The duo ditch the schmear and bail in the middle of Michael’s house tour.

Hamptons Hoedown

Watch next week to see the ladies back in New York talking about what ticked them off in the Hamptons.

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