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Be Like Kim

For almost a decade now, we’ve been blessed with the Bravolebrity that is Kim Zolciak-Biermann.  It’s no secret that she is one of my favorite Housewives (top 3). She’s beautiful, successful and funny…dare I say, role model? (Okay, okay, put your pitch forks down haters!)  Unfortunately, God gave me to much body and not enough bank to live like Kim, but thanks to this handy little cheat sheet,  maybe you can BE LIKE KIM!

Be Like Kim!


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Remember when Kim burst onto the scene in ’08 proclaiming her love for Dior?  If you, like Kim, desire coffin couture à la Dior, but can’t afford it, fake it ’til you make it with a J’Adore Dior tee.  You’ll also need the latest Chanel bag and a pair of Aminah Abdul Jillil shoes, preferably with glitz or a bow (or both).  Head over to Victoria’s Secret and pick out a few lounge sweats from the PINK section.  Don’t forget a blue polka dot robe! Sorry to say you won’t be able to get her’s, because it’s sold out.

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I can tell you firsthand, if you want hair like Kim’s, you better hit the wig store!  I took this picture of her to my stylist a few years ago and was laughed out of the salon.  With my hair dreams crushed, I turned to my Southern roots and pulled out the rollers, hairspray, and got to teasing.  That should work for you too!

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Kim’s face looks great! She swears by her Kashmere Kollections skin care line, so maybe we should too?  After moisturizing, get to glamorizing that face!  Lilly Lashes, pink lip gloss and nails top off any Zolciak look.

Don’t forget to whiten those chompers! We’re talking glow-in-dark level whitening!  She uses Express Smile Atlanta daily to keep her smile blinding. Check out her social media for promo codes to score a discount.  Speaking of social media…





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Whether she’s chasing her brood of 6 or downing Starbucks, Kim’s social media presence is constantly entertaining and personally informative. Instagram and Snapchat seem to be her favorites (and where most of this cheat sheet came from!). It’s easy to see that Kim lives a charmed life, part of which she attributes to “The Secret” philosophy.  She’s often been heard quoting the Ask, Believe, Recieve mantra.  Is it for you?  Check out the book, or watch it’s accompanying documentary on Netflix.

If you love Kim Zolciak-Biermann, I hope you loved this blog! If not, I hope you at least got a laugh at it!  Find Popgoesthehousewife on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to let me know what you thought! Don’t troll too hard tho… 😉