10 Things from the RHOC S12 Trailer

After holding out for a week, Bravo finally blessed us with the Real Housewives of Orange County  S12 trailer.  It was definitely worth the wait! The trailer promised lots of fun and even more drama.

If you found yourself “literally…on the moon” and missed it, here are 10 things you can look forward to this season on the RHOC.


  1. Lydia’s Back

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    You might remember Lydia McLaughlin as Alexis Bellino‘s Bible toting bestie, who joined the RHOC in Season 8.  After finding the other women too wild and crazy for her tastes, she packed up her hubby and kiddos, as well as her pot-smoking-hippie of a mother, and hit the road.  Four years later, Bravo is bringing her back and pinning their hopes on Lydia’s bubbly charm to lighten the atmosphere and bring the other women together.  Don’t get your hopes up, as the trailer shows this little lady standing her ground and calling out one blonde OC veteran.

  2. New Wife Peggy

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    Peggy Sulahian is the newest face in Orange County.  She’s also the 100th housewife in the Bravo franchise! What can we expect out of this Armenian lady?  Peggy is the wife of a designer wheel/rim mogul and mother of three.  She frequently hobnobs with celebrities and has had her fair share of run-ins with cancer.  Watch out Vicki!  Judging from the trailer, she has already found an enemy in OC sophomore Kelly Dodd, who butted heads with most of the ladies last year.  Will Peggy be the one to put Kelly in her place?

  3. Mommy Meghan

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    We all watched last year as Meghan went through IVF to get pregnant with her first child with husband Jim Edmonds.  Has Jim stepped up to the plate this year? Is he still being douchy?  It looks like this season will see her struggle to balance mommyhood and guilt…which may be why her return as a full-time housewife or friend-of was a question for so long.  Either way, we can all look forward to seeing that cute little goober! (The baby, not Jim.)

  4. Shannon’s Struggles

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    Poor Shannon! Since joining the RHOC in season 9, this lady has had a tough time, every year.  From a cheating husband, to friends questioning her sanity, things haven’t been easy for Beador. Through it all, Shannon has been honest about her struggles and allowed viewers to see it all.   However, this season sees her battling a new monster, the ultimate addiction: food.  How will she handle her recent weight-gain?  Apparently by placing the blame on Vicki Gunvalson.

  5. Iceland

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    No Housewife season would be complete without a crazy trip to somewhere exotic…and exotic doesn’t always mean beach-y.  This season the ladies are headed to Iceland! Why? Look forward to another trip to the Emergency Room that will surely bring the group together again, for 5 minutes at least.

  6. Everybody Loves Eddie

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    A common theme hitting the franchises lately has been questioning a husband’s sexuality.  Unfortunately, Orange County wasn’t immune to the bug, and poor Eddie has been bit! It’s a subject no one wants to see or hear about anymore Bravo!  Moving on…

  7. Fights

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    Of course there’s fighting! What would Real Housewives be without it?  A sitcom called “FRIENDS” and it happened in the 90’s!  Last season left off with everyone still hating on Vicki for the cancer mishegas and Kelly for being…well…Kelly.  Those beefs are probably still on the grill, with Vicki’s heating up for her involvement with the Eddie disaster.  Other matches to look forward to include Shannon v. Lydia and Kelly v. Peggy.

  8. A New Puppet Master

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    How could I not point out Kooky Kelly referring to a possible new puppet master? Who could it be?  New wife Peggy perhaps?  At least she got the phrase right this time.

  9. Old Friends

    Image result for gretchen rossiImage result for lizzie rovsek
    Rumors have been swirling since season 12 filming began that RHOC veteran Gretchen Rossi would be back in some form.  She’s back as a friend of Vicki’s, with fellow one-season vet Lizzie Rovsek, to stir the Eddie pot.  Look for fireworks between the trio and Tamra Judge.  Will they be back with oranges for season 13?  Time will tell.

  10. Missing Friends

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    Missing from this years line-up was 5 year Housewives veteran, Heather Dubrow.  Her call-it-like-it-is attitude is sorely lacking from the trailer.  Imagine how much more drama would have ensued with her there?  How will her absence be felt this season?  Maybe sassy pants will return in some fashion soon.